Web Based Business Management
By Paperclip Systems, LLC

"The Only Request Management System You Will Ever Need"

One Stop Shop

Yes! It can do that... and if it can’t we can add it.  Most system only perform a few business functions requiring multiple systems to run a business.  BIZClip was designed from the ground up to be a one stop shop combining your CRM, ICS, RMS, ERP, POS, AMS, and FIS all into one system.  No longer do you have to maintain multiple software titles and try to make them work together, because they work together seamlessly simplifying how you do business.

Go Paperless

In a digital world where paper somehow still stands supreme BIZClip helps shed the paper with document storage, digital forms, and signature capture. Convert any form to digital, capture it, and store it safely for easy access wherever you are at. Documents are stored securely where you control who has access with simple security options.

Empower Your Clients

Any business who has ever had a client who wanted to check the status of their order will love the Client Access Portal.  The Client Access Portal allows your clients to check the status of their order or project, make payments, print documents, download files, approve services, view & pay invoices & statements, communicate with you, and much more.  Each feature can be enabled or disabled with the toggle of a switch empowering your clients with the features that fit your business.

Available Everywhere

Imagine the amount of time you will save when you have access to all of your business’s information in one place. With BIZClip you can access you data anywhere in the world on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device - no matter where you are; all you need is access to the internet. Realtime access allows your staff to work in real time, never wonder what has been completed, never wonder what was done, never be caught wondering what the last guy did because it is all at the tips of your fingers.

Integrated With What You Use

They say no man is an island, and the same is true with good software.  BIZClip is no exception and is integrated into many 3rd party services and software.  Its’ bidirectional integration with QuickBooks allows it to both get data from and send data to QuickBooks automatically keeping everything up to date.  Keep your schedule in sync with your Google Calendar with just a few clicks. Collect payments from PayPal; send Emails and SMS messages from your email provider with the click of a button.

Track Productivity & Cost

For many small businesses it can be really difficult to track costs and productivity leaving them guessing as to how much profit they are really making.  BIZClip takes all of the guessing out by tracking both in real time.  Know exactly how much it costs to run your business, and how much work your employees are actually accomplishing.  Additionally BIZClip allows you to price based off your costs so you never miss your margin again.

Track Anything

Just like not two companies are the same, neither are the things they want to track.  BIZClip uses attributes to describe things (parts, inventory, requests, clients, etc).  An attribute can be anything you would like to track; color, size, type, model, serial number, weight, location, date of manufacture, ... literally anything.  Attributes are not limited in type or use; meaning you can have as many as you want, and use as many as it takes to accurately describe something.  Attributes have visibility allowing you to hide what you don’t want people to see (like your secret ingredient), and display what you do (like a serial number).  Additionally they are searchable, curious how if you have a widget with xyz, a quick search will show you everything matching your criteria.

Integrated With Your Website

BIZClip is designed to be integrated right into your website allowing your clients to submit orders, access the client portal, or fill out digital form right from your website.  With simple to change styling your clients will never know it wasn’t just part of the site, and everything they submit is entered directly into the database in real time.  Integrating BIZClip into your website is as easy as copy and pasting one line of code, nearly no technical ability is required.

Complex Billing Made Easy

It is hard to find two businesses that price their products and services exactly the same way, and it is even harder to find a program that understands all the crazyness of pricing.  BIZClip takes that crazyness and simplifies it down into two models fixed and bracketed pricing.  Fixed pricing is a standard dollar amount, while the bracketed pricing allows for volume pricing, per unit or minute pricing, cost plus pricing, minimums, maximums, bracket totals, and so on.  Each activity, and product and have an unlimited mixture of both models allowing for any conceivable price model you can imagine.  No longer are you limited or forced to change your pricing to fit a program, you can collect every cent you should and the best part is it charges the right amount automatically.  Gone are the hours of waiting for the one person who understands all of the pricing nuances, and gone are the mistakes cutting into your bottom line.

Your Own Dashboard

No two jobs are exactly the same, so why should every users Desktop (dashboard) be the same?  With BIZClip they don’t have to be.  Each user can place the widgets on their Desktop that apply to the work they do allowing them quick access to the tools and information they need to do their jobs.  Widgets share the same security options as the task or information they relate to so if you can’t see it or do it somewhere else the widget won’t work either making security easier to manage.

Endless Customization

Often software does more than is needed and BIZClip is no exception to this rule.  With the seemingly endless options a user may want to change what is displayed.  In addition to being able to change the color and style, each page can be customized to display only what is wanted.  With a single click you can change what is displayed on a page, where & what order it is displayed, and, how it is displayed in relation to other items on the page.  Best of all Each user can customize their own account, so no two people have to have it the same way.  Additionally, integrated services like the Client Access Portal, Digital Forms, and Web Submission Forms can all be individually styled to perfectly match the website they will be embedded in.

Programming For The Non-Programmer

Coined by one of our clients “Programming for the non-programmer” perfectly describes the power and simplicity BIZClip gives you.  Every feature is designed to give you complete control while still being simple enough to use with only a few clicks.  With each carefully designed feature we strive to remove limitations and add functionality.  No longer are you limited to our imagination but are empowered by the limits of your imagination.

Powered By People

For one low monthly rate, you receive unrestricted access to every feature, online training & support, and every update & new features we develop.  Our experienced staff takes care of all maintenance, backups, and network support constantly threatening your business.  If you require support at any time, we are easy to contact and offer several contact options. Simply submit a ticket at our support site, send us an email, or, for those that prefer to talk with a representative, we offer phone support, as well.


Your data is only as safe as the guard at the door which is why we take extra steps to protect it.  To increase security each company is randomly assigned a Company ID, making it nearly impossible to brute force a login.  Once logged in BIZClip has over 600 security options you can configure to grant your employees the access you want them to have.  Access to Calendars and folders in the Document Repository also have additional security options for granular control.  Gone are the days when employees can access resources they shouldn’t.


Nearly every day there is a story about a security breach in the news.  In a digital world security is paramount!   We secure your data using practices and procedures which exceed HIPPA, HI-TECH, and DoD Guidelines.  Additionally, we don’t use any shared servers; your data is on our servers, secured in TIER 3 facilities, with 27/7/365 surveillance and monitoring.  And for those concerned about the NSA, we will close our doors before we hand your data over to the government.  We use strong encryption to keep your data safe including: custom on-page encryption in addition to the same transport encryption banks and other institutions use on their websites.

Passion With A Purpose

Since its’ inception Paperclip Systems has been providing enterprise class solutions to small businesses who may not have the resources or technical ability to acquire, maintain, or support the software that gives the big businesses an advantage.  Having developed systems over the years for companies in countless different industries, we know that no two businesses are the same. We believe you, as the user, should be able to configure our system however you like to fit your business needs. There is no other system that offers you the same features, flexibility and freedom to innovate.  

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